High Desert Test Sites
22-24 October 2004 outside of Joshua Tree, California.

AUDC's installation for the 2004 High Desert Test Sites reproduces Quartzsite, Arizona on twenty acres of desert in Sunfair, California through an interpretive display consisting of a series of thirteen signs, each containing a scene from Quartzsite.

The number on each sign corresponds to a number on a map found in the white box mounted on this pole. Visitors may visit the signs geographically or numerically. Visted geographically, the signs allow visitors to meander through the topography of this site as they come to an understanding of the lay of the land at the remote location of Quartzsite.

Read in numeric order, the signs form a narrative explaining the history of Quartzsite as well as providing a sociological and anthropological reading of the community in its present form.

AUDC project team:

Steve Rowell
Robert Sumrell
Kazys Varnelis.

http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS AA.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 00.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 01.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 02.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 03.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 04.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 05.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 06.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 07.jpg
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http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 09.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 10.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 11.jpg
http://www.audc.org/files/gimgs/th-14_HDTS 12.jpg